ToNY CaMM & The FUNK Allstars set to funk up 5th Street June 22!


ToNY CaMM & The FUNK Allstars will bring their "psychedelic funk circus" to Lynchburg's historic 5th street on Saturday June 22 at the popular food and music venue 5th & Federal Station.

Funk, R&B and soul band Chris Schmitt & Company will open at 7:30pm and the Funk Allstars will take to the stage around 9.

Admission is free and promises to be one of the area's largest and certainly funkiest block parties to date.


ToNY CaMM & The FUNK Allstars to headline Rockn To Lockn this Saturday.



By the time the "psychedelic funk circus" that is ToNY CaMM & The FUNK Allstars hits the stage at Lynchburg's Academy Warehouse Theatre this Saturday night, the packed-house crowd will have already rocked out to Roanoke-based bands Morgan Wade & The Stepbrothers and Chupacabras, and Lynchburg's most popular band Apple Butter Soul. 

The fifteen-member funk and jam extravaganza, set to headline the final Rockn To Lockn playoff, is led by funkateer showman Tony Camm, with Chris Schmitt on keys, Jimmy Young and Lonnie Daye, Jr. on guitars, Patrick Street on bass, John Bailey, Sr. on drums, a horn section that features Trev Hicks, the Collins brothers (Cedric and Avery) and Champ Scott, and vocals from Jacqui Camm, Kim Scott, Diva Yassin and R&B singer a promised few secret weapon surprises during the set.

With a unique blend of P-Funk and Americana jam, paying homage to legends George Clinton and Jerry Carcia, the band has developed into an entertaining touring act, showcasing their created genre called "Funk The Dead" as well as an increasing amount of funky original material, with songs such as "Allstars Of Funk", "Funk Salvation" and "Set Me Free".

The less-than-three-year-old Central Virginia-based group has been making a name for itself playing venues and festivals primarily in the Virginia, Maryland and D.C. area, but is poised to attain recognition on a national level this year with the upcoming release of their debut EP, that features appearances by some members of the current Parliament-Funkadelic lineup.

Bandleader Camm, a life-long P-Funk enthusiast, assembled the collective by piecing together established musicians from the worlds of funk, R&B, jazz, jam and hip-hop (hence...Allstars) and allowing them to free-form collaborate, creating unique and interesting mash-ups.

The result is a buffet of funky delights for any audience, highlighted by Camm's natural ability to connect with and involve party-goers with a genuine concern that all in attendance have a great time, and clamor for more.

The band has become known for their trademark show ending that features a crowd sing-along chant of "one rhythm, one nation" and a chorus of the Funkadelic hit "I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing, Everybody's Got A Thing" filling the room with a sentiment of coming together to help one another. One nation indeed.

The Rockn To Lockn live playoffs are Saturday March 2 at 8pm in the Academy Center Of The Arts Warehouse Theater and will be broadcast live on the Relix Channel.

Click HERE to get tickets to attend.





ToNY CaMM & The FUNK Allstars set to funk up Downtown Lynchburg Pre-Christmas!



ToNY CaMM Radio presents Party With Dishing It Out!



ToNY CaMM & The FUNK Allstars to headline Radio434 Jingle Jam 2018



50 Shades Of Red hosts partnering with the E3 Story Project.


Denita Lewis and Kentonna Smith, co-hosts of Tony Camm Radio's "50 Shades Of Red" and "Dishing It Out", are partnering with the E3 Story Project that looks to help people heal with a book of stories on trauma and loss.

Standing for Encourage, Empower and Embrace, the E3 Story Project will be choosing 100 stories to be featured in an inspirational book that will be published and distributed to help others on their road to restoration.

Each featured story will win a prize ranging from resort vouchers and gift cards to $5,000 in cash.

For more information on the E3 Story Project click HERE.


Keisha Bowling named keynote speaker for the I Can Make It! Benefit Gala


Motivational speaker and co-host of radio's "Dishing It Out", Keisha Bowling, has been named as the keynote speaker for the 2018 Domestic Violence Prevention Benefit Gala "I Can Make It" to be held December 15, 2018 in Fredericksburg, VA.

Bowling, a ten year domestic violence survivor, is motivated by the lives that can be changed and saved by her powerful words.

Proceeds from the event will benefit domestic violence prevention, and ticket information can be found at 540-455-8682.


"Dishing It Out" co-host publishes new inspirational book.


Radio show "Dishing It Out" co-host Keisha Bowling has just published "Relentless Pursuit", an inspirational book compiled of real life stories of courage, strength and unwavering faith by authors Troy Jones, Dee Lewis, Kentonna Smith, Joy Hilaire, Lisa Alexander, Leslie Martin, Angelina Randolph, Evangelist Trisha Fowler and Bowling herself.

The book, six months in the making, can currently be purchased from each author, and will be available soon online and in bookstores nationwide.


Radio hit "Dishing It Out" launches Podcast for download.


Talk radio hit show "Dishing It Out" has launched a podcast to allow it's thousands of listeners the opportunity to listen to the popular shows on demand, and even download and share with friends and family.

New shows debut every Wednesday on the Radio434 platform, and recently rotated shows are loaded to over the weekend.


Tony Camm-produced "Dishing It Out" has huge radio debut.


"Dishing It Out", the new radio show created by Tony Camm, about "food and girl talk" debuted last weekend on Tony Camm Radio on the platform with over 6,000 listeners and rave reviews.

Taped in Lynchburg, VA., the talk-formatted show features five women, Keisha Bowling, Kentonna Smith, Dee Lewis, Jacqui Camm and Diva Yassin, sitting around the dinner table enjoying some food and some lively conversation that ranges from funny to serious to controversial and informative.

The show's Facebook page has been flooded with topics for the group to tackle, from both women and men.

Camm, who also produces the show and is the only male present at tapings, is both "entertained and informed" by the dialogue that takes place and is "very encouraged" by the show's enormous response.

The show tapes on Tuesdays with new segments put into rotation every Wednesday.

If you miss a show, no need to worry, after their debut all shows are uploaded to the show's podcast for on-demand listening and downloading.

You can listen in to "Dishing It Out" 24/7 on Tony Camm Radio at and on the Radio434 phone app.


Cheers Lynchburg 2018 Kicks Off June 22!


Summer in Lynchburg is synonymous to live music and great food with family and friends. Cheers to the Weekend and MG Productions in collaboration with Lynchburg Concerts and various non-profits is pleased to announce a fundraising campaign to benefit eight non-profits. Cheers is committed to keeping the summer tradition alive for the community at Riverfront Park in Downtown Lynchburg. The team is committed to giving back to the community and beyond.

The family friendly summer series starting June 22nd will run for eight consecutive Fridays welcoming various national and local artists. Guests can expect activities for kids, an array of food and drinks, as well as high energy engaging talent. Attendees will be encouraged to give to the featured non-profit each week.

For more info on Cheers Lynchburg 2018 click HERE

Click here if you'd like to be a Volunteer for this season.


New Music! "Funk Salvation" song release



Tony Camm Radio takes local content global!


Tony Camm Radio, a part of the Radio 434 entertainment platform, is aggressively streaming local Lynchburg area content out to the world.

Launched three years ago by Camm and Mike Mckendree to continue the popularity of the Tony Camm Radio Show once it left the terrestrial station HOT103.9, the channel expands on Camm's vision of showcasing local "lifestyle for your radio" and making it available to anyone on the globe.

Anchored by the "Tony Camm Radio Show", that features funny bits and interviews by Camm and the Hot Squad (Jamille Moreland, Brian Richie and Justin Bailey), the 24/7 platform is also home to "Keisha & Company", "Mrs. Joy's Tips and Treats", "Yoga Goodness with Leslie Davis", "The Poetic Truth Show", and the recently added "50 Shades of Red Show". 

Coming soon will be a fitness show with Deidre Douglas Washington, a style and money show with Anthony Andrews and Jawansa Hall from Twenty23 LLC., and motivational tips from "Teflon John" Jonathan Smith.

The channel plays music as well, but only features songs by local artists, such as Shaquawna, Rise Rashid, Lovell, Antonio Jamar, Lleraj and Tonya Rivers, in it's rotation.

"The plan is to take extremely meaningful and entertaining local content and broadcast it out to the world at large", Camm says. "Before, our shows were only reaching the Lynchburg, with a computer or a cell phone people can listen to our content anywhere on the planet".

The shows may be produced by local personalities, but the content is very much universal, focusing on art, music, fashion, health, money, food, domestic violence and personal empowerment.

The shows are broadcast numerous times each day in a random scheduling format to give listeners many opportunities to tune in to their favorite shows, and also accidentally stumble across other content.

Following the original airings, the shows are also podcast and available for download at click on "radio".

The Tony Camm Radio Channel platform is available at and on the "Radio434" phone app.


Click HERE to listen to and download episodes of "Keisha & Company".


Click HERE to listen to and download episodes of "The Poetic Truth Show".

Click HERE to listen to and download episodes of the "50 Shades Of Red Show" 

Click HERE to listen to and download episodes of the "Tony Camm Radio Show".


The FUNK hit the Spot last night in Roanoke - A Review!


Last night Roanoke live music enthusiasts got funked up at The Spot On Kirk, as Tony Camm & The FUNK Allstars took the stage with their "One Rhythm, One Nation" tour, which included some of the funkiest music heard in the Star City.

A scaled down six-member line-up, that featured Chris Schmitt on keys/vocals, Jimmy Young on guitar, Alex Gross on bass, John Bailey, Sr. on drums, and the Camms (Tony & Jacqui) on lead vocals, waisted no time getting into the audience's behind with a hard-hitting mashup of "Shining Star" and "Franklin's Tower".

Bandleader Camm, then channeling his inner George Clinton, led the band into a rousing version of "Red Hot Mama", that included snippets of "Let's Take It To The Stage" and "Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic", and had the crowd loudly chanting along with "the roof is on fire" and "from the window to the wall", before depositing the dancing patrons into a wild rendition of "Play That Funky Music", a reggae-influenced "Fire On The Mountain" and a real groovy "West L.A. Fadeaway".

Then the energy turned up with a P-Funk medley of "Flash Light" and "Give Up The Funk", and transitioned into a crowd-pleasing thirty minutes of the originals "Allstars Of Funk", Set Me Free" and "Funk Salvation" from the band's upcoming debut EP.

Now over an hour into the show, the band showed no signs of slowing down, as Camm enlisted the audience's "help in building a funk song" on an engaging "Jungle Boogie", that featured the bandleader leaving the stage and dancing wildly in the crowd.

Chris Schmitt and Jacqui Camm then displayed their vocal power on the classic "Use Me", followed by the band thrilling the crowd with dance hits "24K Magic" and "Blurred Lines".

Then it was time for a staple of the band's show, a very entertaining twenty minute groove that included "Gold Digger", "No Diggity" (complete with the Queen Pen rap) and a Cardi B sing-a-long.

Now approaching the two hour mark, and showing no signs of fatigue, a familiar drum roll filled the room and the band launched into one of the greatest party tunes of all time, "Brick House", and had the whole room "shaking it down".

The night ended with "Da Butt" and morphed into the band's mantra groove "One Rhythm, One Nation", and delivered the group's message that "we can all groove to one rhythm if we try" and "everybody's got a thang".

People were looking for a good time last night...and the Funk hit the spot.


To follow the band's tour click HERE .



The FUNK came to Jimmy's On The James!


Jimmy's On The James, in Downtown Lynchburg, got "funked up" last night, as the area's biggest, baddest funk extravaganza, Tony Camm & The FUNK Allstars, tore the roof off the sucka.

The band, downsized to just six performers (as opposed to it's usual fifteen) to accommodate Jimmy's small venue size, consisted of frontman/bandleader Tony Camm and wife Jacqui on vocals, Chris Schmitt on keys and vocals, Jimmy Young on guitar, John Bailey, Sr. on drums, and Kevin Daye on bass, and from the first note established that it was certainly not downsized in energy and a determination to get the crowd moving.

After asking the crowd if they were "ready to party?", Camm led the band into a rollicking version of "Play That Funky Music", which compelled members of the crowd to immediately take to the dance floor...and the party was underway.

Following was a meaty, funked up version of "This Is How We Do It", which was highlighted by Camm working the room and getting each and every patron in attendance to individually sing the song's hook.

Now almost thirty minutes into the show, and only two songs down, the band featured the vocals of Chris Schmitt and Jacqui Camm on a passionate rendition of "Use Me" that thrilled the crowd.

The evening proceeded at a break-neck pace as the band refused to let up off the gas and give the crowd a moment to catch their breath, and Camm found more and more ways to engage the audience , at one point proclaiming "we're gonna have to share our pay from tonight with the crowd...the band is now forty-five people".

There was a P-Funk medley of "Flash Light" and "Give Up The Funk" and a monster version of "Brick House" that included a Soul Train-esque dance-off in which Camm pulled un-suspecting patrons out of their seats and onto the dance floor.

That proclaimed band size grew yet again as other members of the collective who were not billed on the show began to pop-in at the venue and squeeze in onstage. 

Saxophonist Trev Hicks arrived with his horn just in time to get in on the "making of a funk song" version of "Jungle Boogie", vocalist Champ Scott grabbed the mic and rocked the crowd on "Give It To Me Baby" and "My Prerogative", and New York entertainer Chiller Streeter was called up to do a high-energy performance of "Billie Jean", complete with glitter, gold and dance moves.

A mash-up of "Gold Digger" and "No Diggity" turned the crowd up a notch, and featured a crowd-pleasing Queen Pen rap by Jacqui Camm, and managed to weave in remnants of Cardi B, Big Sean and G-Easy, with the audience all joining in on the "making money moves" hook of "Bodak Yellow".

The evening concluded with a fifteen minute rendition of "Da Butt" that morphed into "Fire", "Atomic Dog", and a unifying excerpt from the band's own "One Rhythm, One Nation" before finally ending on a crowd-involved "One Nation Under A Groove".

As expected, the band established why they are indeed the Allstars of funk, and proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Funk really IS your salvation.


For more info and bookings click HERE.




The FUNK Allstars celebrate "Funko de Mayo" at Jimmy's On The James


Tony Camm & The FUNK Allstars are set to celebrate "Funko de Mayo" at Jimmy's On The James in Downtown Lynchburg, Saturday May 5, 2018.

Bringing their brand of P-Funk, Soul, Dance, Top40 and more, the funky collective is poised once again to "tear the roof off the sucka" and get everybody on their feet.

Show time is 9pm.

For more info click HERE.


Join the F.A.N. (Funk Allstars Nation) Club today!


Join the F.A.N. (Funk Allstars Nation) Club today by visiting the band's website HERE and inputting your email address.

Be the first to know about new music, tour schedule, contests, merch and more!


This is Jacqui!


This is Jacqui...Bride of Tony Funkenstein, singer, rapper and dancer.

Catch her performing with Tony Camm & The Funk Allstars LIVE on March 2, 2018 at the Academy Center of the Arts.

Click HERE for tickets and more info.


Tony Camm named "Entertainer of the Year" at the 2018 Best Of Us Awards!


Tony Camm was named "Entertainer of the Year" last night at the 2018 Best Of Us Awards in Lynchburg, VA.

The event, held at the Academy Center of the Arts, recognized the very best in our community in business, civic leadership, entertainment and more.

Camm is a bandleader, dj, emcee, recording artist, concert promoter, magazine publisher and radio host.



The Tony Camm Radio Show Returns!


The TONY CAMM RADIO SHOW returns to the air on February 12, 2018.

The "lifestyle for your radio" show reunites the original HOT SQUAD from Lynchburg's HOT103.9FM, that featured Camm, Jamille Moreland and Brian Richie.

Returning for the re-launch are Anthony Andrews, Deidre Douglas Washington and Justin Bailey, and new additions to the show include Tarsha Joyner and Leslie Davis.

Shows will be taped at the new Radio434 studios located inside Riverviews Artspace in Downtown Lynchburg.

Along with the hilarious Hot Squad banter and interviews, the show will also include fitness, food, health, business, music, self-empowerment and money segments.

The show will air numerous times daily on the Radio434 platform and coming soon weekday afternoons on Lynchburg's WKHF 93.7FM.

New shows will begin in rotation starting Feb 12th, but in the meantime you can catch the "Best of the Tony Camm Radio Show" right now at Tony Camm Radio and on the Radio434 phone app.



Tony Camm & The Funk Allstars LIVE at the Academy Center!


Join the Academy Center of the Arts for Tony Camm & The Funk Allstars, the biggest, baddest funk band in Central Virginia, as they bring their brand of “Funk & Jam” to the Warehouse Theatre on March 2, 2018.

Led by frontman Tony Camm, and featuring a small army of musicians, including keys, bass, drums, two guitars, three horns and eight vocalists, the band specializes in P-Funk, 70s Soul and a new funky Grateful Dead genre titled #FunkTheDead, with some 90s R&B and Hip Hop sprinkled here and there.
The band will also debut songs from their soon-to-be-released EP.
Doors open at 7pm, with opening act local R&B/Soul band IV Shades Of Blue taking the stage at 8.
Tickets to this event are on sale for $10.00 online or at the door. For more information, call (434) 846-8499.

Tony Camm & The Funk Allstars this Saturday Night at Big Licks!


TONY CAMM & THE FUNK ALLSTARS return to Big Licks Tropical Grill this Saturday December 16, bringing their brand of 70s funk, 80s pop, 90s R&B/Hip Hop, today's Top40 and their own groovy originals.

The biggest, baddest funk and dance band in the area, 15-pieces at it's largest, slims down to 7 members to fit on the Big Lick stage, although the funk and groove will still loom large and deliver "whatever the party calls for".

Featuring Jimmy Young on guitars, John "Musaw" Bailey, Sr. on drums, Chris Schmitt on keys, Alex Gross on bass, Jacqui Camm and Barry Randolph, Jr. on vocals, and the front-man antics of bandleader Tony Camm, you will be commanded to "get up off your ass" from the first note.

Bring your dancing shoes and two booties. Show starts at 8pm...the Funk lands at 7:59!

For more info on the band click HERE


Funk U Friday hits Lynchburg!


Lynchburg is about to get a double dose of funky music as two of the area's most popular bands, Funky Bone and Tony Camm & The Funk Allstars, host back-to-back "funk throw-downs" on Friday August 18, 2017, deemed "Funk U Friday".

The always fun Funky Bone will set the funky tone at the final Cheers To The Weekend of the season at Riverfront Park at 6pm (admission is $5, children 12 and under are free), then directly across the street at 9pm the Funkadelic-sized Tony Camm & The Funk Allstars takes the stage to tear the roof off of the Glass House (also $5 admission).

Not since the George Clinton concert a couple of weeks ago has Lynchburg experienced such a funk-filled evening, and Camm promises that people will need to "bring two bootys and their dancing shoes" to make it through the evening.

For more info on Funky Bone click HERE and for Tony Camm & The Funk Allstars click HERE   


Tony Camm & The Funk Allstars @ The Glass House



Tony Camm & The Funk Allstars @ Stoney Badger Aug 12th



Tony Camm, DJ ED and friends bring Hip Hop Symphony to Lynchburg!



Funk Allstars Return to the Badger!



Funk Allstars LIVE at Jazze Ellington House of Blues



We Want The Funk!



The Funk Allstars to funk up the Lounge Shows!


Tony Camm leads his funk collective, The FUNK ALLSTARS, into the Lounge at Holiday Inn Downtown this Saturday night, May 6, 2017 as part of the Lounge Concert Series.

In addition to bandleader Camm, the group features Jimmy Young and Willy Gurley on guitars, Alex Gross on bass, Chris Schmitt on keys and sax, John "Musaw" Bailey on drums, Trev Hicks on sax, Josh Barling on trumpet, and Jacqui Camm, Diva and "Bootsy" Anderson on vocals.

Delivering a "funk and dance" spectacle from their #OneRhythmOneNationTour, complete with crazy costuming and big hits by Kool & The Gang, EWF, The Commodores, George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic, Rick james, A Taste of Honey, Bruno Mars and more, the band will most certainly satisfy your entertainment thirst.

Doors open at 6:30pm for Dinner and drinks, and the band takes the stage at 8:00pm for a two-hour show, followed by a social hour with food and beverage and music.

Limited space so RESERVE SEATING is strongly encouraged.

$10 admission. Must be 21 and older.

To Reserve seats click here.

Follow the Funk Allstars HERE



Hott Sauce takes the stage at the Lounge Concert Series!


R&B/Neo Soul band Hott Sauce, from Roanoke, VA. will take the stage Friday night May 5, 2017 as part of the Lounge Concert Series.

The shows are being held in the Lounge at Holiday Inn Downtown Lynchburg, a House of Blues-type setting with live music, full dinner and bar menu, and V.I.P. seating.

Doors open at 6:30 for Dinner and drinks and the band takes the stage from 8pm-10:30pm, followed by socializing, light music and food and beverage.

Limited capacity so RESERVED SEATING is encouraged.

Click HERE to reserve seats, and HERE to see more about Hott Sauce band.


The Funk Allstars to headline AuroraFest2017!


TONY CAMM & THE FUNK ALLSTARS are set to bring the Funk as they headline Friday night May 12th at AuroraFest2017, with their P-Funk-inspired, over-the-top funk and dance show.

Purchase tickets HERE 



Tony Camm & The Funk Allstars LIVE this Saturday Night in the Star City!


 TONY CAMM & THE FUNK ALLSTARS will funk up Roanoke, VA this Saturday night at the Blue Jean Dance at St. Elias Hall, bringing their "over-the-top funk and dance" show that's growing in popularity in the Virginia area.


Tony Camm brings LIVE band shows to The LOUNGE at Holiday Inn!


Tony Camm is teaming up with the best bands in the Central Virginia area to bring LIVE band shows to the Lounge at Holiday Inn Downtown.

The opening series features Soul Mystique from Danville, VA., Hott Sauce from Roanoke, VA, and Camm's own funk band, The Funk Allstars.

All shows start at 8pm and are $10 admission.

There is limited attendance, so reserve seating is strongly recommended.

To RESERVE your seats now click HERE, you will PAY at the door the night of the show.

Cash bar and full dinner menu will be available all night.


Funk Allstars 70s Cinema FULL SHOW PFunk Tribute



P-Funk Comes To Main Street!


Tony Camm & The Funk Allstars bring their brand of P-Funk and R&B to Dish on Main Street Friday January 27, 2017.

Bandleader Camm is joined by Musaw Bailey on drums, Rick Tardy on bass, Jimmy Young and Willy Gurley on guitars, Trev Hicks and Christina Trail on horns, Benny Voltaire on keys, and Jacqui Camm and Diva on vocals.

Show starts at 10pm. $5 cover. Must be 21. 

There IS room for bring your booty!

See more about the Funk Allstars HERE


Lynchburg R&B Group VIRAL to headline at Charlotte LIVE!


Lynchburg R&B group VIRAL, featuring Lleraj Hall, Jay Arnold, Jay Withers and Jaylin Randolph, are set to headline at Charlotte LIVE! on January 13, 2017.

For more info click HERE


Tony Camm Music Group Pokey Bear Ticket Giveaway!


Tony Camm Music Group and Radio434 are giving away TWO FREE tickets to the Pokey Bear concert January 7, 2017 at Phase 2 Club.

Enter HERE to win!



Radio434 Taking LOCAL Global


Mike Mckendree, Tony Camm, DJ Ed and Andy Henson bring the "future of radio" to Central Virginia.

Read article HERE


Tony Camm to host 70s Soul Cinema and Funk Party!


 Remember those days in the 1970s, spending all evening at the Warner Theater on Main Street, watching movies like "The Mack", "Shaft", "Superfly", "Foxy Brown", "Cleopatra Jones", "Blacula", "Car Wash" and more?

Well, at the Academy Center of the Arts we have a new state-of-the-art movie theater and on Saturday February 4, 2017 to kick off Black History Month we are showing THREE of those films back-to-back, and following them up with a LIVE band Funk party like back in the day...complete with Soul Train line.

$10 ticket gets you admission to any and all of the films (come and go as you like) as well as the after-party.

This will be a social environment, so cash bar and popcorn concessions will be available so you can mingle and socialize and/or watch the films and dance.

Get your tickets now by clicking HERE 

Until then...Love...Peace...and SO-O-O-O-ul!!!!!!



Party Like We Are Famous Paparazzi Red Carpet



Tony Camm and DJ ED host Celebrity Event!


Tony Camm and DJ ED bring their Party Like We Are Famous entertainment brand to the Glass House on Jefferson Friday night November 18, 2016.

The room will be packed with the biggest names in Lynchburg's celebrity culture, and will feature red carpet paparazzi arrival, multiple VIP sections and live performances.

Hosted by Angel Rodriguez with Emcee Tony Camm and music by DJ ED and Benny V.

For more info click HERE

DRESS up, SHOW up, TURN up!



Tony & Jacqui Camm host Academy Center benefit!


Tony & Jacqui Camm host a benefit concert and party to support the Academy Center of the Arts in Downtown Lynchburg, with live R&B, Hip Hop and Funk performances, plus an after-party with DJ Ed.

For tickets and info click HERE 


DJ ED and TONY CAMM host Downtown Halloween Parties!


Last year the MG Productions Downtown Halloween Party was SO BIG that this year DJ Ed and Tony Camm are bringing THREE parties to Downtown Lynchburg!

The Glass House on Jefferson, Dish on Main, and the Grand Ballroom at Holiday Inn Lynchburg.

For tickets to the Holiday Inn party click HERE 


George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic in Studio



Tony Camm Radio phone APP now available!





Here at TONY CAMM ENTERTAINMENT we are in the planning stages for events for this Spring, Summer and Fall and want YOUR input as to what you want for entertainment in our city...SO we are asking you to take a moment and fill out this very BRIEF survey and tell us how we can ENTERTAIN you.

Take the survey HERE and join the mailing list at to be the first to know about events.


Tony Camm gives wife fashion line for Valentine's Day!


Tony Camm debuts new band and single!


Tony Camm debuts his new Rock/Funk/HipHop project PSYCHOdelic ROOster alongside the all-star cast of C.T. Bailey on guitar, Joe Barret on bass and Willy Gurley on drums.

The band's new single is the #PFunkandChiliPeppers-inspired "Red Hot Mama 2016", a re-make of the 1970s Funkadelic classic.

Watch the video here



Tony Camm and the band Red Hot Mama rehearsal footage!



Tony Camm publishes home movie from the 70s!



MG Experience "GDFR" LIVE at Get Downtown 2015



MG Experience LIVE at Get Downtown 2015 - No Diggity



Tony Camm w/ Blackout perform "Hero" LIVE!



The Houseband LIVE at Ellington Fundraiser



DJ ED and TONY CAMM teach you how to DJ!


DJ Ed and Tony Camm, arguably the most energetic duo in local arts, culture and entertainment, are now taking you to school...DJ school, that is.

For six Thursdays, beginning Sept. 17, from 6-8pm at the Academy of Fine Arts Lynchburg, you can learn the history, culture and artform of DJing. Learn basic music theory, BPMs (Beats Per Minute), how to properly mix records, and how to complete a smooth transition and record a short performance set that you can take with you.

Ages 10+

To register CLICK here 

A part of the MG Urban Arts Initiative.


Tony Camm brings R&B Concert Dinner Series to Lynchburg!


Entertainerpreneur Tony Camm, in conjunction with his new business partnership with Radio434, is bringing an R&B concert and dinner series to the ballroom at Holiday Inn Downtown.

The series will feature popular R&B bands The Upscale Band, Signature Soundz and Ebony Blue Band.

Tickets are $10. Dinner and Drink Bars are available within the venue.

For tickets and more info for The Upscale Band click here, for Signature Soundz click here and for Ebony Blue Band click here.



THe MG Experience comes to Mangos at Smith Mtn Lake


The MG Experience Band brings their high-energy Top40/Pop show to Mangos at Smith Mountain Lake on Friday August 14, 2015. Show time is 7:30pm. For more info click HERE and visit the MG Experience Band here


Downtown Block Party this Friday!



Tony Camm to perform two nights to help Save The Ellington!


Tony Camm will perform live with the metal band Blackout on Friday night, July 31st and with the R&B band The Houseband of VA on Saturday August 1st, all at Phase 2 Club for the Save The Ellington Benefit weekend.

The benefit will feature over 40 bands, all lending their time and talents for a great cause.

Tickets are available here


Tony Camm and DJ ED to headline Downtown Block Party


Tony Camm and DJ ED will headline Lynchburg's First Fridays Downtown Block Party on Friday August 7, 2015 in the Benchmark Systems Lot on Main Street.

The family-friendly event will feature food vendors and live performances from DJ ED, Benny V, Tony Camm and more.

Admission is $5 (children 12 and under free).



ENTER the Tony Camm Birthday Prize Pack Contest!



BOOK your MG Experience TODAY!



BOOK the "ultimate party band" for YOUR event. We tailor-make the entertainment for your party needs. TAKE A LOOK: 



The MG Circus comes to Friday Cheers


The band is introduced, and the first song establishes that this is going to be a party.

"We are the MG Experience, and for the next three hours we'd like to welcome you to our musical circus!" exclaims the group's ringmaster, Tony Camm.

Over the next three hours that circus will feature a four piece band led by DJ ED, and no less than a half dozen vocal performers who take the crowd through an entertainment event that covers many musical genres, including Pop, Top40, R&B, Country, Dance and Hip Hop.

Ladies and gentlemen...welcome to the MG Experience.

Launched in 2013 from an idea to add live musicians and vocalists to a popular DJ, the MG Experience has headlined street festivals, and played concerts and convention party gigs.

This Friday, June 12, 2015, the MG "musical circus" comes to Lynchburg's summer concert event Friday Cheers, held at the Community Market.

The show begins at 6pm, and Camm urges attendees to be prompt. "The party starts right at 6", he says, "and it doesn't stop until we're told to".

Admission is $5. 12 and under are free.

For more info on the band CLICK here 


Tony Camm and Blackout bring "Hero" to Cheers!


Tony Camm joined rock masters Blackout onstage to perform their new hit anthem "(This Town Needs A) Hero" at Friday Cheers 2015's Rock Night.



(This Town Needs A) Hero Available NOW!


Save the city! BUY "(This Town Needs A) Hero NOW!


Tony Camm With Blackout: (This Town Needs A) Hero

DJ ED & Friends Bring The Show at First Fridays


DJ ED, Tony Camm and company brought their musical oddyssey to a packed-house last night at Phase 2 Club.

The Lynchburg favorites spiced up their recurring "First Fridays" gig by adding live drums and guitar to their set, raising the bar for area club deejay shows.

Catch DJ ED & Friends every first Friday at Phase 2 Club. 


Tony Camm and DJ ED Rock the 2015 Second Chance Prom



Tony Camm to record Rock/Rap song with Blackout!


There was LL CoolJ and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Jay-Z and Linkin Park, now Tony Camm has teamed up with the hard rock band Blackout to record a rock/rap single.

Titled "(This Town Needs A) Hero", the song features Blackout's heavy metal guitar riffs, Andy Henson's hard rock vocals, and Tony Camm's superhero-style rap verses.

The song will be available on iTunes in early April 2015.


The DJ needs a band!


In this current entertainment climate where Hip/Hop and Dance music rule in the club, and deejays sell out 100,000-seat arenas around the world, WHO NEEDS A BAND?...well, the DJ does.

Now that everybody, and his cousin, with the help of a plethora of new electronic equipment, is mastering the art of deejaying, and getting their shot in the local clubs and venues, the DJ could use a little something to give him/her a distinctive edge on the ever-increasingly-crowded "DJ highway".

Enter The DJ ED Band.

World-stage deejay and producer DJ ED has added Benny V on keyboards, C.T. Bailey on bass and guitar, Fred Jackson on drums, and Tony Camm on vocals to his act, with the result being an exciting entertainment experience that brings you the non-stop party that you get with a deejay, plus the added energy and sound of a live band and vocals.

This FIVE man "DJ experience" moves seamlessly from hit song to hit song with no apparent set list, taking their cues from DJ ED, who's sole focus is "what does the party call for?".

Drummer Fred Jackson lends energy and backbeat utilizing both real and electronic drums, C.T. Bailey contributes amazingly fresh accents whether on the guitar or the bass, music genius Benny V makes every song sound fresher than it was with abnormal keyboard strokes, and frontman Tony Camm keeps the crowd hyped and involved with his vocal renditions.

Without question, when the last song is over, you WILL know that you were at a party!


DJ Ed and Tony Camm to headline Wounded In Love!


DJ Ed and Tony Camm are set to headline the Wounded In Love concert on Feb 6, 2015 at Phase 2 Club with guest performances by Benny V and Atlanta recording artist Tion Phipps. 10pm. Admission $10. 



The MG Experience to open for Sunshine Anderson!


The MG Experience, featuring Tony & Jacqui Camm, Kim Anderson & Champ Scott, with DJ Ed are the opening act for recording artist Sunshine Anderson ("Heard It All Before") at the 2015 Red & White Ball at Phase 2 Club in Lynchburg. Tickets are $20 and available at Phase 2 Club.



Tony Camm Honored


Tony Camm honored at the Honored Event presented by Whitehead Media Ventures.


The GREAT Cj Harris' work



MG Experience "Thrift Shop" LIVE!



MG Experience "23" LIVE!



Jacqui Camm covers "I Want Your Love"



The MG Experience Band LIVE in Concert



How To Rock A Party, a Tony Camm film



Tony Camm releases "The Hair Is Real" Natural hair song



The Camms to debut family reality series in January 2014



Tony Camm & the MG Experience LIVE!



Tony Camm launches new band The MG Experience!


Tony Camm and long-time callaborator DeeJay Ed have launched a new band, The MG Experience. The "experience" will feature DeeJay Ed playing the biggest and hottest songs in the world, accompanied by world class musicians and a high energy vocal frontline. The ultimate party band for weddings, corporate events, concerts and more.

To book The MG Experience send an email to








Tony Camm returns to the recording studio to produce new music with an all-star cast of Hip Hop and R&B artists, including Jay Arnold, Rise Rashid, Tonya Talise, Shaquawna, Travis Thomas, DeeJay Ed and more.




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The TONY CAMM SHOW is now on your RADIO!







Tony Camm debuts "Untouchable" single!



"Untouchable" 2/5/12



Tony Camm Music Group artist performs "Don't Judge Me"!



Tony Camm Music Group artist LIVE! at Phase 2 Club



Tony Camm in new film "Action Lynchburg!"






Tony Camm and DeeJay Ed launch "Electro Thursdays"



New TONY CAMM MUSIC artist Lleraj debuts single!



Tony Camm and DeeJay Ed's The Beat comes to the Burg tour!



Tony Camm and DeeJay Ed bring the BEAT to the BURG!



Tony Camm LIVE! at Get! Downtown festival



New Tony Camm Music artist "Lleraj" electrifies street festival!



The HOUSE BAND takes it to the O-FOE!



The Camms release "MOVE! Lynchburg" workout anthem!



One of my favorite times - performing with RocStar!





Tune in tomorrow morning for another fun-filled hour on the O-FOE Morning Show with Tony Camm and Company! "Luxurious" Heather Brown talks about healthy living; Lauren Compton talks about "The Good Girl Chronicles"; Sassafrost's Beth Baxter introduces the "mancake"; plus the usual witty banter with Tony, Mike and Leslie.

Don't miss the COOLEST SHOW in the O-FOE! 

8am...93.7KHF on your radio dial OR listen on the web:


Tony Camm and C.J. Harris to produce more Auto Connection spots



FREE DOWNLOAD "Them Cats" by Tony Camm



Tony Camm records follow-up to "Get Downtown"


Tony Camm has recorded the long-awaited follow-up to "Get Downtown", "Let's GO to the O-FOE" with the funky, funky HOUSE BAND of VA. DOWNLOAD IT HERE!

The House Band: Let

Tony Camm and C.J. Harris to shoot "Them Cats" music video


Tony Camm and C.J. Harris are set to shoot the music video for their hit song "Them Cats", under their July-Gemini Entertainment production company.


Tony Camm O-FOE Morning Show intro



Tony Camm in "Agent 24" trailer



"Agent 24" film series begins production


"Agent 24", the action-adventure series from Stan Webb, has begun production in Downtown Lynchburg, VA.

The series, starring Aaliyah Webb, Charles Brown and Tony Camm, centers around a teenage superspy and the sometimes opposing protectors who come to her aid.

The series will be filmed entirely in Downtown Lynchburg.




Tony Camm records new jingle for the Auto Connection


Auto Connection Long Jingle by


Tony and Jacqui Camm added to cast of The Wiz!


Tony and Jacqui Camm have been added to the cast of the Black Theatre Ensemble of Virginia's production of "The Wiz", which opens at the Academy of Fine Arts on Feb 18, 2012.

Tony Camm will star in the role of The Wiz, while wife Jacqui will perform in the role of the good witch, Addaperle.


The O-FOE Boys win big at the Lights, Camera, Lynchburg Video Awards



"Get Downtown" wins grand prize at the Lights, Camera, Lynchburg Video Awards!


"Get Downtown", the viral music video from Tony Camm and Cj Harris won first place at the first Lights, Camera, Lynchburg Video Awards this evening. Accepting the award was Tony Camm and Cj Harris of July-Gemini Entertainment, and Jack "DeeJay Ed" Edma from MG Productions (producer of the "Get Downtown" song). Monies from the prize will be re-invested in July-Gemini Entertainment's "Arts in the O-FOE" initiative to energize musical, visual and performance art in Downtown Lynchburg. Those interested in contributing to the "Arts in the O-FOE" initiative can do so by downloading the song "Get Downtown" at OR at 


Lights, Camera, Lynchburg Video Awards tonight. "Get Downtown" is a nominee.



Tony Camm receives award from the Mayor!


Tony Camm receives an award from Mayor Joan Foster for his contributions to the community during the National Family Week Celebration. The Camms also performed their hit song "Here Come The Camms" and had the whole place rocking.





The Camms to perform at National Family Week Celebration on Nov 21st!



The Camm Boys to perform at the Half-time Show at the Lynchburg Legends Pro Basketball debut!



Tony Camm to perform "Get Downtown" to open Lynchburg Legends Pro Basketball debut!



Tony Camm's "Give U The World" video debuts!




The Camm Boys: Bigger, Stronger (feat. Kid Bre)



ENTERTAIN YOURSELF at Keep up with the "Cammdashians" in the CammBlog, buy NEW MUSIC from the Camms in the music store, watch cool music videos and clips from "The Camms" reality-com, and "give back" by supporting the Camm causes. Visit today and stay a while. Enjoy yourself!




If you won’t listen to Tony Camm, whose catchy ditty "Get Downtown," is making the rounds on YouTube, then how about the folks at Lynch’s Landing?

The third annual Get!Downtown street festival, a collaboration between Lynch’s Landing, area colleges and other local groups, runs from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday.

"It’s intended to be a welcome back party for college students," says Anna Bentson, executive director of Lynch’s Landing and a former downtown dweller herself.

Main Street will be closed from 8th to 13th for the event, and you can expect something to be happening on nearly every corner.

Camm will get things going with a performance of "Get Downtown" at 6:05 p.m. on the Community Market’s main stage, right after City Council welcomes everyone to the festivities.

Later, jazz and R&B band Ebony Blue will hit the stage for two shows at 6:15 and 8 p.m.

The area between 10th and 11th street will be an Arts & Culture Block, where Bellweather States, Sweet Briar College’s Sweet Tones, Dance Theatre of Lynchburg and the Lynchburg Symphony Orchestra will perform throughout the night.

A block down, Catalano’s Delicatessen (908 Main St.) will host a meatball eating contest at 7 p.m.; contestants, all playing for charities, include co-owner Clinton Jones, former Virginia Tech football player Andre Kendrick, LU’s Alan York and Camm (he’s everywhere these days, isn’t he?).

Catalano’s will make a donation to all of their charities, but whoever eats the most meatballs in 10 minutes will win the largest sum.

The Community Market’s dorm room cooking contest and demonstration is set for 7:15 p.m.; it will feature local chefs and college students competing to make a meal with microwaves and/or hotplates and the kind of supplies you’d find in a dorm room (think Easy Mac and Ramen).

More than 125 vendors will be spread out along the streets, and many stores and venues will extend their hours. Street performers include Lynchburg Tribal, the Liberty University break dancing team, stilt walkers, caricature artist Ted Mickle and local clown Teddy Spaghetti.

There will also be karaoke, face painting and a graffiti wall, sponsored by Catalano’s.

Admission to the festival is free. For more information, call (434) 528-3950 or visit


Tony Camm releases "Blood by the James" promo



All-Star line-up to record Tony Camm song!



Tony Camm on LHOV promoting "Get Downtown"!



Tony Camm to produce follow-up single and video to "Get Downtown!"


Coming off the success of the "Get Downtown!" single and music video, Tony Camm is producing the follow-up song and music video "Let's GO to the O-FOE! (Get Downtown Pt. 2)".

Like the first hit, the new project will be filmed in Downtown Lynchburg by July-Gemini Entertainment, and will feature dozens of Downtown merchants and landmarks.

The new song, again written by Camm and produced by MG Productions and Hallowtree Studios, will be recorded by Camm, with a little help from the funkiest band in town, The House Band of VA.

The project is scheduled for a late September release.

In the meantime...GET DOWNTOWN!


Tony Camm is the "Prince" of Friday Cheers!





Who says you need buzz? In downtown Lynchburg, they prefer something with a beat.

In a newly minted music video just released this week, a slew of downtown merchants come together to inject a little rhythm into the district’s revitalization efforts.

“Get downtown,” a mystery man whispers at the start of the video while a hip-hop beat builds in the background. “Get downtown.”

The camera pulls back to reveal Tony Cammpart-time musician and full-time manager of the Main Street Holiday Inn, who’s about to take you on a whirlwind tour of all downtown has to offer.

“Got to get into my car and go take a ride down to the 0-Foe,” he croons. “… Why stay home lounging around? There’s plenty to do. Just get downtown!”

Cammthe architect of both the song and video, said he saw the project as a new way to get people excited about downtown. Throughout the course of the 3 minute, 49 second video, close to 40 different downtown businesses are either mentioned by name or featured in cameos from staff members all spurring people on with the same message: Get downtown!

“I just wanted to bring some energy and some fun,” said Camm, who’s worked at the Holiday Inn since it opened in 1984. “Anything I can to do help energize downtown revitalization. That’s what the whole project was designed for … It’s fun, you know? I walk down the street and people yell out their car, Get downtown!”

The video has already gotten more than 1,200 hits since being posted on Tuesday and downloads of the song are available for purchase on iTunes. All proceeds will be donated to the downtown advocacy groupLynch’s Landing, where Camm serves as a volunteer board member, to support promotional projects.

Camm said it only took him an hour to write the song and he recorded it in the middle of the night with help from friends at July-Gemini Entertainment. The video was shot over the course of two Saturdays by prowling the district’s streets and drafting volunteers.

Tony is one of our regular, wonderful customers,” said Marisa Catalano of Catalano’s Delicatessen, whose staff is among those who make an enthusiastic appearance. “He just came in one day and asked us if we’d be willing to participate in his video. At the time, I had no idea how big it was going to be.”

Catalano said she was blown away when she heard the song later and saw the video.

“I love it,” she said. “I think it’s awesome. He is obviously a very creative person and very involved in downtown and bringing exposure to the businesses in downtown. I’m just really pleased with how it came out. I’m looking forward to everyone seeing it.”

Deborah Keeling, owner of Accents Flags & Gifts, was another who agreed to be in the video becauseCamm was a friend. She was amazed at the results.

“He did a fantastic job,” she said. “The response has been phenomenal. People have been commenting constantly on my Facebook page about it. It’s just going rampant.”

Keeling, who’s been running her store for more than 20 years, said she liked that the song put a spotlight on different downtown businesses.

“It’s a wonderful sampling of what we’ve got,” she said.

Downtown has recently welcomed several new businesses, including places that were already established in Lynchburg, such as Fat Tuna and Scene 3, that chose to move into the district.

Catalano’s Delicatessen opened just four months ago. Downtown was the only place they wanted to be when they were scouting locations.

“We felt really strongly about being part of the revitalization that’s happening,” said Marisa Catalano, adding that they’ve found a “great sense of community” in downtown.

“It really is a close-knit group of people, I think,” she said, adding neighbors support each other and their businesses. “Hopefully, downtown will continue to grow as more and more residents come in and more and more businesses move in. It’s just really exciting to be a part of that.”

Camm, who’s also involved in organizing next month’s Get!Downtown street festival through his work with Lynch’s Landing, is already making plans to build on the momentum of the video. He’s toying with the idea of putting out T-shirts with the “0-foe” slogan, a play on downtown’s 24504 ZIP code.

“04 was too stuffy, so it’s 0-foe,” he said laughingly. “Hopefully, it will catch on and become a phrase and people will think it’s cool to come and hang out in the 0-foe.”

Camm said he hoped people enjoyed the video and share the song, which he described as a catchy beat that people of all ages could appreciate.

“And it tells you exactly what we want you to do,” he joked. “You don’t have to decipher. We want you to get downtown!”


World Premiere..."Get Downtown" music video



Camm granddaughter, 4, shows dance moves!



Tony Camm set to release world premiere "Get Downtown" video


Tony Camm announces the completion of the "Get Downtown" music video.

The video is to promote the "Get Downtown" song, the Downtown Lynchburg party anthem that supports reviatalization in downtown Lynchburg, VA.



Tony Camm releases song for Downtown revitalization!


Tony Camm releases "Get Downtown", an upbeat party single promoting Downtown Lynchburg VA.

The song, written and performed by Camm, and produced by MG Productions and Hallowtree Studios, is available on iTunes, and at

Camm's production company, July-Gemini Entertainment is producing a music video to promote the song.

Profits from the record will go directly to Downtown Lynchburg revitalization efforts.


THE CAMMS to record global charity record!



Rocqui Camm is the Fresh Prince of V.A.!





Listen to and DOWNLOAD hot new music from The Camm Boys right NOW at

The "personal empowerment" anthem "Bigger, Stronger" and the frenetic party jam "Car Wreck"

Listen to that fan noise...put your hands up for The Camm Boys!